How do I load a Zerion Dataflow?

Zerion Dataflows

What is a Zerion Dataflow?

Zerion Dataflows provide organizations Big Data capabilities including long term storage, data management, processing and integration without having to invest millions of dollars and a dedicated team.  

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How do I load my Zerion Dataflow?

To load a Dataflow you've already created, please follow the instructions below.

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From inside the Zerion Console, select Dataflow Automation.

load dataflow

Step 2

From the left-hand menu, click Dataflow Builder.

load dataflow

Step 3

Click the Dataflow drop-down menu and select Load Dataflow.

load dataflow

Step 4

Select the Dataflow you wish to load.

load dataflow

The Dataflow is now loaded and ready for use.

load dataflow

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