How do I export a Zerion Dataflow?

Zerion Dataflows


What is a Zerion Dataflow?

Zerion Dataflows provide organizations Big Data capabilities including long term storage, data management, processing and integration without having to invest millions of dollars and a dedicated team.  

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How do I create a Zerion Dataflow?

Many different types of Dataflows can be created such as aggregating, filtering and transforming the data you collect.click here for more information.

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How do I export a Zerion Dataflow?

Exporting a Dataflow can be useful for sharing your workflow with others as well as cleaning up your account while retaining a historical copy.

To export a Zerion Dataflow, please follow the instructions below.

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From inside the Zerion Console, select Dataflow Automation.

Step 2

From the left-hand menu, click Dataflow Builder.

Step 3

Click the Dataflow drop-down menu and select Load Dataflow.

Step 4

Click the Dataflow you wish to export.

Step 5

Click Export.

If there are no errors, you'll see the following message and your file will be downloaded to your local drive.


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