Mapping a list of assignments on iPad (COMPLETE)

Your case study video for Jeff  (   is a similar application to what I need;  

If Jeff assigns a list of records to a mobile worker (house inspector)  that worker needs to see those records on a map to plan his route.    

Is there already a way to integrate the list of assignments with the iPad map?   I searched the wiki and saw no reference to it.


TJ Roberts

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Hi TJ, this is now possible by uploading your location data into a location widget.

When you go into the map based record view, you can now choose the "Location Priority" so that the points are visualized using the data from the location widget that you populated.

Tony Ruth

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Hi, new to iFormBuilder and testing the app.

How do we go about uploading location data to the location widget? Is it possible to do it via API? How?

Thanks. Best regards,

Joao Pio Pedreira